I have been building web servers and websites for more than twenty years for a range of clients — from design agencies to charities. I’m self-taught and I don’t advertise.

I have a wide range of internet and server-related skills which might help you solve a problem. Think of me as an internet detective. I can, for example, figure out why your emails always end up in other people’s junk mailboxes — or track down a lost domain name.

I also know my way around most content management systems such as WordPress, Grav, Drupal, Textpattern and many more.

Get in touch if you’d like me to investigate something for you.

I also build web servers, bespoke websites and I advise on related issues. My services include:

  • Website speed optimisation;
  • Web server provisioning & setup;
  • Web hosting;
  • Web development.

Spiffin websites

I have coded and built a lot of websites over the years for a wide range of clients. Here are some examples — click on the relevant links to see the live website.

UP Studios are a design agency working with charities and ethical businesses. They wanted a bespoke WordPress theme which could incorporate their own design and would be easy for them to update themselves.

As a long-standing client and collaborator Tomato wanted a portfolio site to showcase their diverse projects. Ease of updating was a priority — as was simplicity of theme. This website was put together some time ago and used TextPattern open-source CSM.

The management of singer-songwriter Colin Vearncombe wanted a website to reflect the many facets of Colin's creative output. Since his untimely passing in 2016 his website has become a hub for fans and incorporates music, lyrics, artwork, poetry, a guestbook and his legacy bursary. The site uses a bespoke WordPress theme.

If you'd like more information on any of the above please contact me.