About Spiffin

I have been building web servers and websites for more than twenty years. I'm self-taught. I don't advertise.

I started as a freelance troubleshooter working for Tomato in Soho in 2000 - wrestling with ISDN lines and Eudora Mail server. As the internet developed, and connection speeds moved beyond 64K, my focus began to shift from in-house file servers to rackmount web servers.

Server journey

My server journey started with in-house file servers (usually Apple), transitioned to rackmount co-lo unix file and database servers, then webservers (usually Debian). Now we have VPS instances (Virtual Private Servers) - expandable and collapsable servers in the cloud which can be created and set up almost instantly.

"Anything Spiffin doesn’t know about caching and server setup isn’t worth knowing. Last time I worked with him ... the results on an image-heavy site were truly astounding."

Server skills

I've picked up a wide range of skills over the years from setting up and configuring firewalls, DNS (name servers), email servers, file servers, web servers and caching systems. I can set up a fully-functioning, secure, web server on a VPS in record time.