In the noughties I was hired by Tomato in London’s Soho as a freelance troubleshooter — wrestling with ISDN lines and Eudora Mail server. As the internet developed, and connection speeds moved beyond 64K, my focus began to shift from in-house file servers to rack mount web servers — and from server management to web development.

Server journey

My server journey started with in-house file servers (usually Apple), transitioned to rack mount co-lo unix file and database servers, then webservers (usually Debian). Now we have VPS instances (Virtual Private Servers): expandable and collapsable servers in the cloud which can be created and set up almost instantly.

“Anything Spiffin doesn’t know about caching and server setup isn’t worth knowing… the results were truly astounding.”

I’m based in central London (E1) but can work anywhere.

Server skills

I’ve picked up a wide range of skills over the years from setting up and configuring firewalls, DNS (name servers), email servers, file servers, web servers and caching systems. I can set up a fully-functioning, secure, web server on a VPS in record time.


I code and edit in a range of languages including PHP, HTML, CSS, Twig, Javascript.